Rent LED Sign for your business $500/month and you own it for $1 after 48 month

Long term rental* of LEDSIGNZ Street Talker for $500/month & own it for $1 after 48 months call 800-955-0505 or click here to apply now. (Click HERE)


Every business can use more customers, but some don’t have the budget

Ready to deliver and begin generating business NOW.

NATIONWIDE delivery. LIFETIME GUARANTEED Street Talker. THe guarantee is our factory in Cleveland. We pay for all parts and labor if you own our sign for as long as the original owner owns it. (see Warranty).




LONG TERM (48 Months rental from Street Talker LEDSIGNZ) requires credit approval by Direct Capital and good credit of the owner as well as a business in operation over 2 years. DO YOU QUALIFY?

Apply here and please read all the terms and conditions of the application page.

Why LESIGNZ welds doors before each rental?

Before each rental, Street Talker Led Digital Display a full inspection and tune up is performed then access doors are welded shut! Why:

  1. Safety, 110 volts, 12 volts and 5 volts are in the cabinet. Safety!
  2. Beauty, no one will tamper or play with doors and leave them open.
  3. Confidence, Street Talker works so well, that it had 0 failures during all previous rentals. So confidence that no need to open the cabinets for repairs or maintenance. All you have to do is plug it in the wall, any regular plug will do fine!

Want to rent an led sign for $33/day? call 216-475-9800 today or visit

LED Sign rental is CONTENT Marketing 10 Commandments

In Content Marketing: “OWN your media” is the number one commandment. Then comes the other 10 commandments of content marketing strategy:

pray for peace

10 Commandments of Content Marketing: (ok 11)

  1. Own Your Media. If you can’t get FREE media, become the media.
  2. Historical perspective. Appeal to the sentimental *The Way It Was*!
  3. Teach clients how to become famous, well known, appreciated, their name, their brand.
  4. Set Up a team to root for, APPLE vs. Android, Microsoft vs. MAC.
  5. Be willing to laugh at yourself or your brands FAUX-PAS.
  6. Pull on the heartstrings. Puppies, Mom, Babies etc…
  7. Be willing to ZIG when the crowd is Zagging.
  8. Give away your content, design, recipe or teachings.
  9. Ue proprietary natural information to set yourself apart.
  10. Ask your customers about marketing content from you.
  11. DO IT YOURSELF. Best content marketing comes from you.