Rent LED Sign for your business $500/month and you own it for $1 after 48 month

Long term rental* of LEDSIGNZ Street Talker for $500/month & own it for $1 after 48 months call 800-955-0505 or click here to apply now. (Click HERE)


Every business can use more customers, but some don’t have the budget

Ready to deliver and begin generating business NOW.

NATIONWIDE delivery. LIFETIME GUARANTEED Street Talker. THe guarantee is our factory in Cleveland. We pay for all parts and labor if you own our sign for as long as the original owner owns it. (see Warranty).




LONG TERM (48 Months rental from Street Talker LEDSIGNZ) requires credit approval by Direct Capital and good credit of the owner as well as a business in operation over 2 years. DO YOU QUALIFY?

Apply here and please read all the terms and conditions of the application page.

Own your media is Joe Pulizzi’s advice, LED MEDIA is your owned media

*OWN YOUR MEDIA*, says Joe Pulizzi founder of #CMWorld. Great content marketing advice from the undisputed top talents who came to Cleveland this week. Over 3500 of marketers from top corporations came to Cleveland to hear Joe Pulizzi, founder of #CMWorld convention which ended yesterday in Cleveland Ohio. Great work @JoePulizzi and the entire team making our hometown proud

How to program led sign screen digital billboard 216-475-9800

How to program led sign screen digital billboard sign? The easy way…

Compare the old way of programming digital electronic led billboard signs

The old way of programming an led digital screen sign was to have a computer and interface. new way is simple, just use a dongle to make it happen.

Led sign rental from Cleveland USA and we do make NATIONWIDE delivery.

LED Sign, Patent pending on LED Sign without a computer inside.

Advertising, ads, Led strip made of led bulbs that are rgb led and some make infinite mirrors and led clock using led strips. led watch uses led array and can be used in led wall washer led. Bright led can be used for street signs and led technology is still in its infancy. led diode and functionality was discovered and developed only since the ’80’s

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