Rent LED Sign for your business $500/month and you own it for $1 after 48 month

Long term rental* of LEDSIGNZ Street Talker for $500/month & own it for $1 after 48 months call 800-955-0505 or click here to apply now. (Click HERE)


Every business can use more customers, but some don’t have the budget

Ready to deliver and begin generating business NOW.

NATIONWIDE delivery. LIFETIME GUARANTEED Street Talker. THe guarantee is our factory in Cleveland. We pay for all parts and labor if you own our sign for as long as the original owner owns it. (see Warranty).




LONG TERM (48 Months rental from Street Talker LEDSIGNZ) requires credit approval by Direct Capital and good credit of the owner as well as a business in operation over 2 years. DO YOU QUALIFY?

Apply here and please read all the terms and conditions of the application page.

Why LESIGNZ welds doors before each rental?

Before each rental, Street Talker Led Digital Display a full inspection and tune up is performed then access doors are welded shut! Why:

  1. Safety, 110 volts, 12 volts and 5 volts are in the cabinet. Safety!
  2. Beauty, no one will tamper or play with doors and leave them open.
  3. Confidence, Street Talker works so well, that it had 0 failures during all previous rentals. So confidence that no need to open the cabinets for repairs or maintenance. All you have to do is plug it in the wall, any regular plug will do fine!

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10 LED sign shopping tips

10 LED sign shopping tips for LED Sign Digital Display Screen Billboard
Prepared by 216-475-9800 (Led Sign Rental NATIONWIDE)

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10 LED Sign Shopping Tips, How to program an led digital screen display sign
How to program an led digital screen display sign

10 LED Sign shopping tips for LED Digital Display & “Movie Trailer” SIGN

Avoid (More is Better) More LED’s and tighter pixels means much more electricity. For outdoor we recommend No lower number than P16 (16 millimeter between centers of pixels) 10 LED Sign shopping tips for LED SIGN
Shop LOCAL, if NO LOCAL rep (USA). Choose vendor who is awake at your timezone to answer your calls.
Chipset choice matters. Names to consider Cree, Nichia, HP and many others.
Choose Brass connections when possible over steel. Steel rusts creating resistance and high electric bills.
Less IC’s and chips on the back is better. (Our 2 sided Advertiser draws less than 10 AMPs fully lit.)
Brightness is NOT that important. Most Brightest only needs to be turned down. Don’t overbright!
Consider getting your sign on a trailer like product. Requires NO PERMITS or Zoning because it sits on a license plated trailer… REALLY NO ZONING OR PERMITS required!
The computer will be the FAILURE POINT repeatedly. Ask any current owner of LED SIGN. Be sure your LED Sign has NO COMPUTER IS IN THE SIGN ( patent-pending design) removes the computer completly from the sign. You use a pre-programmed messages loaded on US-DONGLES. See VIDEO
Rent before you buy. A rental program like ours ($125/day) lets you know if this can fill your store with traffic. Try-it before you buy-it. Rent it first. At we offer ½ of all rentals towards purchase price.
Consider a mobile sign on a trailer for ZONING reason above, but also for trade-shows, parades, home-days or simply to promote an offsite function… simply take behind any car and (in the case of ours only need electricity) which can be from the car too! 216-475-9800
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