Affiliates at LEDSIGNZ get 25% commission on sales or rentals…

I am the inventor of 2 Patents Pending Street Talker portable LED Roadside SIGN on a trailer! I serve NATIONWIDE and will ship the right order INTERNATIONAL! I pay only 1 level of commission on 1st sale and all additional sales you bring us from that client!. (PERIOD)!

I was ripped off by many commissioned and residuals programs, so I designed this program to be simple and easy to understand… if you get a client like a DHS branch (say the Coast Guard) and they purchase 100 Street Talkers at $24000 each, your commission will be $600,000!

LEDSIGNZ is registered with SAM.GOV (Our Page) as a vendor (very intimidating place)!

or if you rent 1 unit for 1 month to a local GAS STATION or Hotel. You get paid 25% which is $250 payable every month the client rents it. Additional sales or rentals from that client that you bring us will be commissioned at 25% as well!

Interested, call me personally 216-475-9800 and I can help with the DEMONSTRATION part of the presentation! This street talker sells itself!

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soon an affiliate signup program is coming or call me 216-475-9800 to arrange a transaction and 25% commission!



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