Welcome Delegates. Own your media & get elected (Guaranteed). LED Rent-A-Sign “Campaigner 1” is Made in Cleveland 216-475-9800

Rent-A-Sign LED from $33/day from www.tvjumbo.com 800-955-0505
Rent-A-Sign LED from $33/day from www.tvjumbo.com 800-955-0505

What is this Street Talker? 

A portable LED display screen that works without a computer or generator inside of the unit. You simply provide electricity, and LEDSIGNZ will do everything else. NATIONWIDE rental of advertising led sign.

Why is Campaigner 1 is special?

Over 8 years of trial and error and redesign, now Street Talker (Campaigner 1) is taking a bow for what it has not… Not a computer in sight and no generator allowed here. It simply runs off a conversion system (optional $2000 includes installation of optional electric system).

What about your pricing? Is LEDSIGNZ priced right?

LEDSIGNZ’s founder discovered and learned many shortcuts to make the LED experience fun. All you do is plug it and it works and works. Street Talker (Campaigner 1) has multiple patents pending for these shortcuts and discoveries. Priced so well below the competition, LEDSGINZ can even compete with similar computer burdened systems from the far east very aggressively. Click on pricing to learn and order online