Led Sign Portable Complete System, All You Add is Electricity!

LED Outdoor Portable Sign System, Just add Electricity!

LED Signs Made Easy with LEDSIGZ V2.0 (The Grand Opener) portable units start at $6000 for Complete Systems with Sizes from 3′ X 4′ to 3 X 16 (Double Sided) simple & light trailer is included with top model. Offering:

  • 1- *The Grand Opener V2* >>>>  Size:  3’X4′ Complete system            $6000 
  • 2- *The Grand Opener V2*  >>>> Size:  3’X8′ Complete system            $9998
  • 3- *The Grand Opener V2* >>>> Size: 3’X16′ Complete system            $19888 


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Here I am putting the finishing touches on the design in a residential garage. So light, I brought it home behind a regular car with a hitch… Great for Grand Openings, Rallies, Festivals, Special Promotions, Trade Shows and much more. Just add electricity and it works everywhere… and everything is included. We offer 3 Models. We build to orders… please give us couple weeks manufacturing time!

Call 800-955-0505 to order your *Grand Opener*


led sign portable Billboard all you add is ELECTRICITY.
The Grand Opener



4 thoughts on “Led Sign Portable Complete System, All You Add is Electricity!

  1. Complete Ledsign can be on wheels (TRAILER IS NOT INCLUDED), 3 feet High X 8 feet wide, single sided AD1 led sign, Black!
    Just add electricity.
    *Allow 4 weeks from payment date*
    Shown here is the double but you are bidding on the SINGLE Sided! (cool video huh!) 
    No Installation, no hassles or fuss. Just bolt it down to flat surface or to trailer.
    It sits on a trailer or a flat bed truck very easily.
    I designed the AD1 to give a small businessperson a chance in a world where only OUTDOOR MEDIA can bring them in like the old days, to help you grow your business and startup America again… 
    The AD1 was meant for a novice operator who wants to simply plug in the electricity and only have to TYPE the message on the screen… YES, yes and YES. 
    All are here…
    I am currently grand opening my brother’s business with the AD1 (I will keep you appraised of the results) I bet we’ll do great… now to avoid hassle with city hall, we only take it out after 5 PM but I think they are being nice to let us grand open too. We are in a good city for business. How is your city? I teach business to grow with using LED advertising… I hope you will grow too… 
    We need to employ Americans again 
    Only small business can do it.. 

    The AD1 is hitting the market as a great tool for getting your business off the ground with advertising so we can employ America again.
     Daily offers are a cinch, just type on the computer a new offer.
    Hundreds of great and *profitable* uses for the AD1.
    Take it to Golf outings to announce winners and stroke the ego of top customers in the outing? 
    Grand Openings are in the bag 
    only $9999 
    Everything is INCLUDED!
    You can purchase additional modules up to 4 sided.
    This is a Single sided 3 X 8 Complete system all you provide is electricity. If you have a sign mount or a trailer or flat bed. it is ideal.
    This price is for a SINGLE SIDED (TRAILER IS NOT INCLUDED), 
    This led display is 3 feet high and 8 feet wide and a computer and software to run the sign as well as all the cables and hardwares…
    Call for demonstration 800-955-0505 … 
    Offered 1st time ever at this price, I expect to get flooded with orders, 1st come 1st serve and I will be asking your patience as I set up for volume.. I only have 4 AD1’s in stock now and we are making more!
    Be one of the 1st 4 to own an AD1  (this ad was revised on 07-29-2014)

    Check out our rating on ebay 
    Over 3000 happy customers and we’d love to make you happy too! 800-955-0505 or amid@ledsignz.com if you have questions…
    You are bidding on a single sided version of AD1, we sell them as single, double, 3 sides and 4 sides. 

    Shown here is the double on a used trailer we have… 
    you are bidding on the SINGLE Sided & TRAILER IS NOT INCLUDED! (cool video huh!)
    We only provide local pickup so we can teach you how to use 
    everything to make your experience very special.

    We really want to meet you if you want one of these… we want to learn from you and you from us how to make this work for small business AMERICA…
    So for now we ONLY DO LOCAL pickup
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