Led Sign Portable Complete System, All You Add is Electricity!

LED Outdoor Portable Sign System, Just add Electricity!

LED Signs Made Easy with LEDSIGZ V2.0 (The Grand Opener) portable units start at $6000 for Complete Systems with Sizes from 3′ X 4′ to 3 X 16 (Double Sided) simple & light trailer is included with top model. Offering:

  • 1- *The Grand Opener V2* >>>>  Size:  3′X4′ Complete system            $6000 
  • 2- *The Grand Opener V2*  >>>> Size:  3′X8′ Complete system            $9998
  • 3- *The Grand Opener V2* >>>> Size: 3′X16′ Complete system            $19888 

Here I am putting the finishing touches on the design in a residential garage. So light, I brought it home behind a regular car with a hitch… Great for Grand Openings, Rallies, Festivals, Special Promotions, Trade Shows and much more. Just add electricity and it works everywhere… and everything is included. We offer 3 Models. We build to orders… please give us couple weeks manufacturing time!

Call 800-955-0505 to order your *Grand Opener*

led sign portable Billboard all you add is ELECTRICITY.
The Grand Opener



One thought on “Led Sign Portable Complete System, All You Add is Electricity!

  1. admin says:

    Want one? Just email me at amid@ledsignz.com or send a PAYPAL payment for the model you wish to amid@ledsignz.com
    Of course be sure to send your contact infer and address too so we can ship it.

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